Saudi Arabia

I want to work abroad


This questionnaire will be sent for consideration to employers, describe in detail your work experience and responsibilities. The questionnaire must be filled out in English. If you have any questions, please contact us

Basic information


If you record a short video about yourself, it will increase your chances of successful employment tenfold.

Upload some of your full-length photos + attach a 3 × 4 photo (where your face is clearly visible) NOT NECESSARILY A PASSPORT PHOTO, IT CAN BE ANY PHOTO ON WHICH WELL SEE THE FACE


English *

Work experience

Work experience, Example: Position-Place of work-City / Country Year *

Personal data


  • Make sure that your passport does not have Israeli stamps (otherwise the visa will not be opened for you)
  • Your international passport is valid for at least another 1 year and 6 months
  • After receiving the contract, be prepared for the fact that:

    1. Your employer may require you to pass medical tests (fluorography, tests for hepatitis and HIV) in the country where you live
    2. Your employer may require you to make a police clearance certificate and / or diploma legality
    3. The employee shall pay the expenses for obtaining the above documents at his own expense