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About Us

WORK OF DREAM LLC will be happy to help all ambitious, active, and cheerful people who confidently advance towards their dreams and new opportunities!


Nowadays, job hunting abroad is becoming as relevant as ever. There are various ways to find a job abroad for a Ukrainian. However, it is very difficult for a job seeker who is in Ukraine to find a decent employment option abroad without professional assistance. Therefore, most of our fellow citizens consider the engagement of the relevant experts to be the best solution. Jobs abroad that Ukrainian job seekers can get using the services of a specialized company have higher compensations and benefits, as well as better employment conditions.

Are you looking for a job abroad from Ukraine to ensure a decent life for yourself and your family? Work of Dream is ready to assist you in this difficult and responsible task by offering several options for employment abroad selected in accordance with your requirements. All our offers are relevant and will help you change your life for the better right away. Our partners, who provide employment for Ukrainians abroad, are reputable foreign employers. Therefore, we can guarantee that the offered vacancies will be interesting and safe.

You will never regret dealing with us - Work of Dream is the agency that will help you find a job abroad that fully matches your dream and is very different from your current work. We offer job search for Ukrainians abroad and guarantee:

  • extensive database of current vacancies
  • absolutely legal employment
  • safe working conditions
  • decent compensation and benefits
  • high-class service

Residents of Kyiv are not the only ones who can use services offered by our company. Our agency operates throughout Ukraine. To receive detailed information about the services related to employment abroad or to start moving towards your dream, please, send us your preliminary request. Our employee will contact you within 5 minutes to share about current job openings.


Our statutory license enabling us to provide intermediary services related to employment abroad is a guarantee of your peace of mind and confidence.

All the employers that we deal with have an unchallenged business reputation and provide absolutely legal employment for the position of your choice.